10 Things I Dont Miss About You

everyone w(h)ines about giving up the wine for the first 28 days on FrankPT,  like its the hardest thing on earth! before i joined up I drank a bottle of rose every night …

So this year I decided to give it up for good (ish) ive had, in the past year, maybe about 5-6 glasses of wine (over the course of the full year) – and I dont miss it AT ALL … like i always say – if I can do it anyone can!
here is a list of the things i waved au revoir to when I joined the T-Total gang
1. The FEAR …. waking up the morning after the night before …..
Cher – If I could turn back time… of course I had to STAND on the TABLE to dance (this was in my boss’ private members club many moons ago – I was politely asked to leave and never return…. there’s a word for that .. BARRED)
2. The INJURIES …. mind the time 40 of us dressed up as geeks for that Hen night and I wound up in A & E the next morning telling the (hot) doctor that I had no recollection of how I broke my finger ( or lost my purse with my full weeks wages in it) aye that was a good laugh…
3. The CRYING – FYI this one is not actually about me … I don’t do drunk crying ( i do a lot of sober crying at cute things) but I see a lot of drunk girls crying when i am out – wtf! its like wine=waterworks ! why?!


4. The BLOAT –  I drank every night for 21 nights on holiday and by the end of the three weeks not one item of clothing fitted me – i didnt change my eating habits I just added in wine! the facts speak for themselves – wine makes you fat!
5. The EMPTY PURSE – and not just from losing it drunkenly almost every weekend, no… when I think back to the hundreds.. in fact lets be honest here thousands of pounds i have spent getting pissed I could cry – I would rather have the louboutins baby
6. The FLASHBACKS – walking through town mid week and smiling at the cute guy who looks vaguely familiar… no no no no no , spent half the night chatting to him at the bar the previous Saturday only to say no, sorry he couldnt have my phone number as I dont like the name George
FML – no wonder im still single!
7. the WALK OF SHAME ….

one morning after a particular messy night I woke up on a couch in a house I swear i had never been in in my life, the first thing I saw was a photograph of my sister on the mantlepiece and  my nephews nursery photo on the wall…. cue my overactive imagination going into overdrive
clearly my sister had a stalker who had been stealing pics of her over the years and had drugged and kidnapped me in a vain attempt to lure her to his lair ….
or you know it was just her mates new house I was in ….
anyway my trousers had bust at the seams (pre FrankPT you see) and I was wearing maybelline 24 hour lip colour in cherry red as I made the 5 minute walk back to mine, strolling along furtively holding my trousers up when I heard
‘Alyson Joan Larkin  get over the road before your mother sees the state of you’
yep my dad out his Sunday morning stroll for the papers #mortified
8. That TEXT – oh yeah, we’ve all been there … checking you phone the next day, heart racing, palms sweating
‘I am so over you’
to your ex of 6 months
yeah clearly over him that’s why you’re texting him 6 months later …. dafty
9. The MONDAY BLUES – in work, day two of the hangover of death ( horrendous cousin of the hips of doom) crying because the postman knocked the door too loudly, the printer is out of ink and life is just so,so TERRIBLE… that’s the wine I’m telling you !
10. WASTED SUNDAYS  – a Sunday in casa larky in days gone by was spent me lying in the foetal position, hoody on crying into my pillow (sober crying is allowed) unable to face food, hell – unable to hold down water, whole day wasted as I was just too ill to lift my head off the pillow
Now Sundays are my favourite day of the week – longest gym session, get my food prep done for the week, set up what I am working on, catch up with the ten million nieces and nephews and generally plan my world domination
‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’
So all in all – do I miss it ? Sometimes yeah – when I walk into a crowded bar and everyone else is full of (false) confidence chatting and dancing, I do on occasion feel a bit shy and perhaps i’m not as loud as I used to be on a Saturday night …. but then I remember the incoming abs :)
IMG_4827 (1)
and I realised one thing this year – I always drank to forget my troubles
now I am a Frankette – I face my troubles head on
less stressed more blessed!


its all about the priorities beauties – you cant fix the outside without fixing the inside first!
much love
aly x

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