10 Things I Learned On the Road to Perfection



I have been a Frankette since the summer of 2013 –  I reached my goals in the first 14 weeks and then changed the goalposts to reach some more – in fact my goals change pretty regularly, with one constant

be happy !

Little did i know, when I first joined up that I would still be a Frankette all this time later, I though it was like every other ‘diet’ i had ever been on, I will lose the weight and then start eating ‘normally’ again when i get skinny (WTF)
Seriously I could punch my own face at the stupidity of it all
And for eating ‘normally’ read takeaways and wine

My original goal – fit into a pair of size 8 high waist Topshop denim shorts
My goal last summer – to get a ‘perfect’ body
My goal this summer – to remain happy everyday

here are 10 things I learned in the last year :
1. – There is no such thing as the ‘perfect body’ … what is perfect to me, may seem too much to you (or not enough) my perfection is exactly that – MINE.. so I am not striving to look like the girl on Instagram, I’m striving to be the best, healthiest, happiest version of me

2. The girls on Instrgram dont have the ‘perfect body’ – they use angles and filters like everyone else, they have down days and wake up with a spot on their chin and hair that just wont SIT RIGHT no matter how many attempts to get it to! (thank the good lord for dry shampoo and ghd’s) They have insecurities and fears just like the rest of us

3. You cant cheat the process …. this is an important one – YOU CANNOT CHEAT THE PROCESS. I know because I tried :) – if you want to feel healthy and happy, confident in your own skin and be the best version of you – then you have to know that you will HAVE to make changes to your current lifestyle, there is no other way it will work believe me!! And I mean major changes – not a quick fix with pills and shakes

4. Frank’s plan is sustainable for life – I have lost count of the amount of people who ask me ‘so when will you start eating normally again’ I often wonder when the day came that eating good fresh food every day was deemed abnormal?! Meat, fish, eggs, fruit, veg and nuts … yeah you are right that is so RADICAL!!!

5. Happiness is a choice…. let that sink in for a minute
” you choose to be happy or you choose to be miserable and it takes equal amount of effort to do both”

I CHOOSE to put a smile on my face each and every day in life, and do you know what …. smiling is contagious! I give my best smile to everyone I meet (some people look at me like I am nuts) but the majority smile back, its why I make friends everywhere I go. So if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours

6. Problems are problems no matter what you weigh, I guess I always thought my problems would disappear if I was a size 8 – that the bills would miraculously get smaller, I’d have no more grey hairs popping (seriously im only 33 – I blame my mother’s genes) Rick Alessi would fly half way around the world to fall madly in love with me and Cher would perform at our wedding …. I have been a size 8 for well over a year and none of this has happened!

“its not the problem that’s the problem its how you deal with it”

and let me tell you one thing, I deal with my problems a lot better now than I ever have …. as my brain functions better because i nourish my body

7. Water is more efficient than Estee Lauder Double Wear (and far cheaper) – I suffered from adult acne and trained as a make up artist so that I could learn how to cover my skin …. again with the punching my own face at the stupidity… why did no one tell me that drinking three litres of water per day would give me skin that GLOWS!!

8. Our Demons live off chocolate or alcohol (or whatever your crutch is) it took me a long time to realise this one – its why I dont drink alcohol anymore … when you emotionally eat/drink you are feeding the Demons that live in your head, that wee voice that says ‘you are not good enough for ____ ” / ” you are not ___ enough” ( insert your own Demon in the blanks).These insecurities seem worse as you are beating yourself up about your relationship with food/alcohol on top of the sh!t that life throws at us on a daily basis! You are good enough, you are simply enough I promise you and you are worth it – so give them up FOR YOU!

9. Exercise is important – I was a lazy so and so before I became a Frankette I used to read about people who ran marathons and climbed mountains and think “how can you be bothered” , now I haul my ass out of bed an hour early to get to the gym and while I might not be the strongest in there (and defnintely not the most graceful – I nearly knocked myself out with a squat rack last week) but I am TRYING and it feels bloody brilliant walking (ok hobbling) out of that gym after smashing leg day

10. You don’t need a Monday (or a January) to change your life.. I joined on a Thursday and started the plan on the Friday … there is a universal myth that all life changes have to start on a Monday (i think this crazy rumour was started by the same guy who thinks good food is abnormal) its simply not true. TODAY is as good a day as any to change your life, DO IT TODAY – not on your lunch break, not tonight when you finish work … DO IT NOW




2 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned On the Road to Perfection

  1. Great blog. I could punch myself in the face for joining the Frankettes (the first time) in 2013 and not sticking with it and being at the stage you are at now. I feel like I have wasted that time on chocolate and hangovers (albeit there were some great nights & weekends that accompanied).
    Thanks for the blog x

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