Modern day lifestyle has left us with the mobility and flexibility of  a 99 year old! We no longer spend our days hunting for sabre tooth tigers! Now our lives are spent driving, behind desks and watching TV. This lifestyle has tightened our muscles and made other muscles fall asleep! We then make it worse by exercising in bad posture. People struggle to lock their arms out above their head, collapse into a weird kinda deadlift when squatting.  Running with their heads to the floor , shoulders hunched with tiny shuffling steps.

     This is only going to get WORSE! You’re only getting get tighter and tighter, UNLESS you do something about it everyday!
So here are my 10 simple drills to do EVERYDAY to help you move, exercise and feel better.
1. SQUAT and hang loose!
Watch any little munch kin as they drop into squats as they play.They have no issue holding their posture! Drop into this bodyweight squat and relax into the squat and hold for 30 sec everyday.
2. Take a bow son
Most peoples hamstrings are so tight they lack the basic ability to bend and pick anything up. When your back goes picking up a box,barbell, child…99.99 percent time it not the weight…ITS YOUR TIGHT AS HELL HAMSTRINGS, preventing you bending!
Try this simple waters bow hamstring stretch. Focus on keeping chest proud and pushing your hamstrings back to feel the stretch. Bend and hold the stretch for 30 seconds everyday
Due to the huge amount time we sit on our arses these days..our hip flex ors become so short and tight our butt actually switch off and stop working! This why so many people pull hamstrings when they run. The butt is not doing the job and every other muscle is working overtime! So to allow the butt to wake up you must release the antagonist muscles in the hip.
Get down on 1 knee and push hip forward, keeping your posture tall ( don’t collapse like footballers) Hold each leg for 30 seconds EVERYDAY,
Now its time to wake up those buttocks of former steel! To increase butt activation when you thrust your hips in the air clench your fist! You will feel your buttocks tightening up as if your in the prisoner showers, and “big papa bear” has dropped the soap! and asked you to pick it up!!
Hold the contraction for 30 seconds EVERYDAY.
Its a common look in the gym, shoulders rounded tight chest, head down……it does not look good! Everyone looks better when they open up their chest and stand tall! But you need to stretch out those tight muscles in the pecs and shoulders! All you need is door frame , focus on standing tall head looking forward and shoulders down.
Hold for 30 seconds EVERYDAY ( really spread out fingers to stretch those biceps too)
Due to once again tight pecs our opposing muscles tend to switch off and our scapula muscles become weak and leads to that all so sexy forward head posture you see in teenage Goth! Try this simple little drill when done correctly it surprisingly burns! Stand tall feet hip distance apart turn arms back and roate thumbs. You will feel your shoulder pinch, hold this squeeze for 30 seconds. ( if they are not pinching your turning your hands the wrong way )
STRESSSSSSSSS! is one of the main reasons we are so darn tight we hold all that tension in our necks ans shoulders. So for 1 minute a day switch off and work in! Kick off the shoes, stand tall and place hands by chest. Take a HUGE breath in and BLOW OUT slowly as you push your arms out. Work in slow motion around the body and focus on going as slowly with your breathing and pushing as possible.
Perform for 1 minute a day everyday
Make sure you also stretch all that tension out in the neck and upper back. Focus on sitting tall and keeping the shoulders down . Place hand on side of skull and gently stretch out the neck. Hold each side for 30 seconds.
This little drill i got from Paul Check …it may look weird and i have no idea if its spiritual energising nonsense! However, every time i do i feel more awake …probably as im laughing!
Look up to ceiling
open your mouth and eyes wide and stick out tongue
exhale and look down and screw up your face as you do! Do 5 of these everyday!
IMG_5222 IMG_5221
This is easiest thing to do of all to switch off and release the tension in the muscles from the day. Switch off TV, mobile, lights..close your eyes and lay down in bed.. Take 10 deep breaths, breathe in through your nose then exhale from lips as slowly as you can only focus on the breathing noise nothing else. Then fall asleep….you may not get to 10!

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