5 steps to lose weight in 2016

New year new me will very soon be starting,  everyone will be determined this is the year to lose weight, tone up and be healthy. Every January the diet industry and the fitness industry suddenly has a huge influx in the market! However, come April 99% of people will have done what everyone who kick-starts weight loss in the new year does every year…fell of the wagon and returned to old habits and still be feeling and looking the same,  if not worse than January the 1st.

So today I am going to run through how to ensure you become one of the unique 1 percent and achieve your goals

1. Accept you have to CHANGE!

If you want to see a new you in the mirror, boost your confidence,fitness and health you have to take actions to achieve this. It may mean getting out bed 20 minutes earlier to eat, it may mean bringing food to work, it may require you to drive rather than drink, it may require you to push yourself and work hard with exercise. This may mean you face resistance from friends and family who will dislike the fact you’re changing ( and they are not), it may mean making new choices with your weekends but in order to feel and look different you can not just repeat the same patterns you have followed year after year……you can change but you have to choose to do so.

2. Stop hunting for the quick fix!

2015 saw the growth of social media before and afters with “juice plus” “clean 9″ herbal life” promoting “instant weight loss” due to following a very low calorie diet you will lose weight …you’re not eating food so your body will lose weight. Now due to the lack of carbohydrates in your diet you will lose glycogen stores from your muscles and lose muscle as muscle requires energy eg calories our bodies shed muscle in order to stay alive….your body is unaware you’re doing a “detox” and can eat food when ever you wish. It instead kicks back to millions of years of evolution and sees the lack of food as danger and death. So the body will store fat as fat will keep the body alive for longer and shed muscle as muscle needs calories to maintain. Now as we lose muscle we slow down our metabolic rate and the more low calorie diets we have done over years upon years of dieting means the quicker the body stagnates. As you are eating low calories your energy levels slowly decline, your mindset is low as you’re restricting foods and you feel hungry and tired. So all you need is one small thing to tip you over the edge, an argument with your partner, bad night sleep, shitty day at the office and you will do what anyone would do – give in. Now as your body has been shutting down, trying to store fat it will love you feeding it and it will store as much fat as it possibly can after all it knows you are likely to be experiencing a famine again ( your next diet) and it will store fat like its going out fashion and that is why the larger someone is it’s usually an indication of the more diets they have been on

3. Think Long Term.

As point 2 says stop hunting the quick fix you have to accept its a LONG TERM process to changing your body. Nobody ever went to bed feeling like a god or goddess with a body sculpted from the heavens and then woke up looking closer to Jabba The Hutt. People gain weight not because they ate badly once or they skipped the gym once. No, it’s  a result of consistently skipping meals, binge eating due to hunger,emotional eating, bouncing back from extreme diets, consistent drinking fizzy drinks, alcohol and consistent lack of exercise. So to reverse that damage, it is accepting consistent good choices of eating regularly eg 4x a day of nutrient dense foods,hydrating the body, vastly reducing consumption of “junk calories” and of course doing some exercise. Not for 2 weeks not for a month not for 3 months. Its establishing those habits day in day out week in week out month in month out .What you do in January you still have to be doing in December.

4. Stop chasing perfection

I have never met anyone with a body sculpted from the heavens who 365 days a year,  is perfect. They miss some workouts, they may have a drink they may have a chocolate bar or a take way. Its called being human and when they eat a “treat” they do not freak out deem themselves a failure and binge eat. So you do not have to be perfect either as perfect does not exist what people must achieve is consistency. If over the course of a year 365 days a year 90% of diet comes from nutrient dense foods meat,fish,eggs,nuts,seeds,fruit,veg,potatoes etc real food and 10% are “free” choices at the end of the year your body will show the effects of your 90% not the 10%. By building your diet around nutrient dense foods you will feel full so you stop cravings and fuel your body with energy rich foods.

5. Set realistic goals

If you have never been to the gym once in 2015 its not realistic to say im going to exercise 6 – 7 days a week for 1-2 hours a day. You may start with best intentions but the high workload will most likely be impossible to maintain and it will increase your likelihood of injury and illness and after 2-3 weeks you will most likely be burnt out. A realistic goal would be 3-4 days a week for 20-40 minutes to exercise,  that approach will be sustainable and 52 weeks consistent exercise will reap far greater results than 14 days of consecutive exercise followed by 6 months off.


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