Love or Fear?

I am a bit of a romantic fool at heart

I cry at soppy stories in magazines and smile at wee old couples holding hands in the street
(sometimes the smiles are reciprocated – other times they look at me like im nuts)
i have always thought that there are only two main emotions in the world and that everything else good or bad stems from these two

love and fear 

with fear comes – jealousy, INSECURITY, envy  hate, ego and self loathing
with love – its joy, peace, humility, kindness, empathy and HAPPINESS
Looking back now – I can see that when I  first joined the Frankettes I was filled with fear
insecurity in the way i looked
envious of anyone who was slimmer (so in my head) better than me
self loathing that had grown so much in such a short space of time, that I hated looking in the mirror
I didnt let the fear win though – I clicked on that link and vowed to change my life
within a few short months of cleaning my lifestyle up and living the Frankette way, my fear was soon replaced with love
love for myself and my body – although battered by years of yo-yo dieting, no exercise and of course childbirth, it is my body and it has served me well for 33 years :) lets see where i can take it this year (abbbbbsssss)IMG_4827 (1)
empathy – for other ladies (and men) in the same position I was in the summer of 2013, hey its daunting overhauling your lifestyle, still cant believe I have managed it most days but its so so worth it
and most of all
HAPPINESS – my heart is clear and light and happy every day, it sounds so cheesy but its so true … i cant begin to tell you how much happier I feel  with a good healthy diet and regular exercise every week, I want everyone to feel like I do – I am on a mission this year to spread the Frank Gorman gospel as far and wide as I can
If my 2013 self sounds like you, even just a wee bit – choose love
dont let fear steal your happiness
aly x
p.s – this former HORRENDOUS cook is currently writing up a RECIPE BOOK!  this is a must for people who think they dont have the time/ ability to cook healthy Frank Friendly meals … if i can do it ANYONE can!!

so keep the peelers peeled beauties and if you have any suggestions for it LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!

p.p.s – here’s a link to my story thats running on the site just now #famousface

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