You know you are a Frankette when….

Ive been a Frankette for around 18 months now and recently I’ve noticed we do things a wee bit differently from everyone else …..

1, we cant eat a meal without first taking a pic of it – first up, it looks so god damn delicious you must take a pic of this fine example of culinary delight (tuna cakes anyone???) and then obvs we MUST MUST MUST share it with our fellow frankettes and spartans in the STUPENDOUS Frank PT facebook group! new recipes daily?! Yes please!!!

2. We are all about them weights, bout them weights, no treadmill!!! Oh yes! The Frankettes LOVE to lift baby! We can often be found (if not in the kitchen creating the epic masterpieces previously mentioned in point uno) in our second favourite place – the weights room of our local gym showing the boys how to squat ! (unless of course we are in our front room with le weights! which is why being a Frankette is so super amazing as we can workout from home OR the gym!)

3. We can spot a fellow Frankette at 50 paces – glowing skin – check, bright sparkling eyes – check, and most importantly … HUGE SMILE ….. yep! CHECK!!! (mate)

4. We dont own any scales! No way jose! We chucked those bad boys out round about week 2 when we realised actually underneath all the shouting Frank Gorman does know what he is talking about (shh dont tell him) and we know that the numbers on a scale mean diddly squat when we feel so good inside! So scales be gone!!!

5.Speaking of (diddly) squat … we Frankettes love to squat! In fact I am officially renaming my beautiful home country Squatland! cos my ass was born and bred there ;)

6. We spread the Frank Gorman gospel far and wide! Almost every new Frankette who joins up the plan knows a girl who knows a girl who TRANSFORMED with FrankPT ! And they tell their friends and they tell their friends and so the gospel is spread! Share the Frankette love amigos!

7. And we are all about the love! We love to motivate and support each other in the forum, we big each other up in there on a daily basis, cheer each others triumphs and pick each other up when we fall! its amazing, seriously if you have not joined up yet how are you even getting through life?!

8.we all know that there is in fact a little piece of heaven on earth…. CASHEW BUTTER, I mean seriously I do not know what I did for funs before this wee jar of heaven entered my life!!! if you havent already done so – the one piece of advise I can hand on heart give in life – TRY CASHEW BUTTER! its a game changer!

9.We are STRONG women – not just in the physical sense that comes from lifting le weights (did i mention that you can lift in your front room??!! While watching the Kardashians!! I mean could it be any easier to fit it into your lifestyle) no, we Frankettes are strong physically AND mentally … because we eat to nourish our bodies and our brain! and it shows … strong women building each other up in the Frankette forum 7 days a week!

10. But best of all… you know you are a Frankette when you feel good from your head to your toes! You smile more than ever, you have more energy, you have less stress! You have a spring in your step that comes from eating amazing food, working out and sleeping like a baby! It truly is the best gang in the universe!

come join the gang … you know you want to!
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